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This section provides access to Research Infrastructures that have been funded by the European Commission through Horizon 2020 and 7th Framework Programme for Research. Browse the projects per scientific domain, type of project, and/ or Coordinator’s country.

FP7 340
H2020 134

Acronym Title Dates Project URL Funding Progr.
BrightnESS Building a research infrastructure and synergies for highest scientific impact on ESS 2015/09/01 - 2018/08/31 https://brightness.esss.se H2020
ELISA European Light Sources Activities-Synchrotrons and Free Electron Lasers 2009/03/01 - 2011/08/31 http://www.elettra.trieste.it/ELISA FP7
EMFL Creation of a distributed European Magnetic Field Laboratory 2011/01/01 - 2013/12/31 http://www.emfl.eu FP7
ESMI European Soft Matter Infrastructure 2011/01/01 - 2014/12/31 http://www.esmi-fp7.net FP7
ESRFUP ESRF UPGRADE 2007/10/15 - 2011/10/14 http://www.esrf.eu FP7
EUROMAGNET II A Coordinated Approach to Access, Experimental Development and Scientific Exploitation of all European Large Infrastructures for High Magnetic Fields 2009/01/01 - 2012/12/31 http://www.euromagnet2.eu FP7
GENNESYS International Congress on Nanotechnology and Research Infrastructures 2010/04/26 - 2011/07/25 http://www.genesys-platform.eu FP7
ILL20/20 The Upgrade of the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) 2007/12/01 - 2011/11/30 http://www.ill.eu/?id=3732 FP7
IRUVX-PP Preparatory Phase of the IRUVX-FEL Consortium 2008/04/01 - 2011/03/31 http://www.iruvx.eu FP7
MICROKELVIN European Microkelvin Collaboration 2009/04/01 - 2013/03/31 http://www.microkelvin.eu FP7
NEUTRONSOURCEESS The European Spallation Neutron Source (ESS) 2008/04/01 - 2010/03/31 http://europeanspallationsource.se FP7
NMI3 Integrated Infrastructure Initiative for Neutron Scattering and Muon Spectroscopy 2009/02/01 - 2013/01/31 http://neutron.neutron-eu.net/n_nmi3fp7 FP7
PRE-XFEL Preparatory activities for the implementation of the European X-ray Free-Electron Laser Facility 2007/07/01 - 2011/06/30 http://www.xfel.eu FP7
SPIRIT Support of Public and Industrial Eesearch Using Ion Beam Technology 2009/03/01 - 2013/02/28 http://www.spirit-ion.eu/Start.html FP7