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RICH (RI NCP Network): Estonia

Organisation Units in Estonia

12 organisations AGILEWORKS OU (Agileworks Ltd)
Archimedes Foundation
Eesti Geoloogiakeskus OÜ (EGK)
Estonian Academy of Sciences
Information Technology Foundation for Education (HITSA)
Ministry of Culture
Ministry of Education and Research

Projects with a partner from Estonia (H2020)

10 projects ADOPT BBMRI-ERIC (implementAtion anD OPeration of the gateway for healTh into BBMRI-ERIC)
AHEAD (Integrated Activities for the High Energy Astrophysics Domain)
CESSDA-SaW (Strengthening and widening the European infrastructure for social science data archives.)
ELIXIR-EXCELERATE (ELIXIR-EXCELERATE: Fast-track ELIXIR implementation and drive early user exploitation across the life-sciences.)
GEANT2020 (GÉANT Research and Education Networking - Framework Partnership Agreement Proposal)
OpenAIRE2020 (Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe 2020)
PedCRIN (Paediatric Clinical Research Infrastructure Network)
SeaDataCloud (SeaDataCloud - Further developing the pan-European infrastructure for marine and ocean data management)
SoBigData (SoBigData Research Infrastructure)
UBORA (Euro-African Open Biomedical Engineering e-Platform for Innovation through Education)

Projects with a partner from Estonia (FP7)

17 projects BBMRI (Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure)
BBMRI-LPC (BBMRI - Large Prospective Cohorts)
CLARIN (Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure)
DASISH (Data Service Infrastructure for the Social Sciences and Humanities)
DC-NET (Digital Cultural heritage NETwork - ERA-NET supporting cooperation for research infrastructure in the digital cultural heritage field)
DCH-RP (Digital Cultural Heritage Roadmap for Preservation - Open Science Infrastructure for DCH in 2020)
EAST-NMR (Enhancing Access and Services to East European Users Towards an Efficient and Coordinated PanEuropean Pool of NMR Capacities to Enable Global Collaborative Research & Boost Technological Advancements)
EURIPRED (European Research Infrastructures for Poverty Related Diseases)
EUROFLEETS (Towards an Alliance of European Research Fleets)
EUROFLEETS2 (New operational steps towards an alliance of European research fleets)
EUROMAGNET II (A Coordinated Approach to Access, Experimental Development and Scientific Exploitation of all European Large Infrastructures for High Magnetic Fields)
GEO-SEAS (Pan-European infrastructure for management of marine and ocean geological and geophysical data)
GN3 (Multi-Gigabit European Research and Education Network and Associated Services (GN3))
GN3PLUS (Multi-Gigabit European Research and Education Network and Associated Services)
OpenAIRE (Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe)
OpenAIREplus (2nd-Generation Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe)
SEADATANET II (SeaDataNet II: Pan-European infrastructure for ocean and marine data management)

H2020 Projects' Budget for Estonia

Total: €959,215.00
EC Contribution: €1,241,527.50

National Roadmaps from Estonia

2 documents Eesti teadustaristute teekaart 2014 (Eesti-teadustaristute-teekaart.pdf )
Eesti teadustaristute teekaart 2014 (Eesti-teadustaristute-teekaart.pdf )

RIs in Estonia (MERIL)

9 RIs Center of Estonian Language Resources
Estonian Centre for Genomics
Estonian Environmental Observatory
Estonian e-Repository and Conservation of Collections
Estonian Research and Education Optical Backbone Network
Estonian Scientific Computing Infrastructure
Nanomaterials - Research and Applications
National Centre for Translational and Clinical Research
Natural History Archives and Information Network