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Research Infrastructure

Natural History Archives and Information Network

Description A central infrastructure for natural history archives, consisting of storage facilities conforming to international standards, and necessary equipment required for the storage, research and recording of the collections in a database. Central to the project and participating centres is a public information system that utilizes most of the existing Estonian biodiversity information for conducting analyses. Among other things, it is indispensable for resolving issues in nature protection, for nature monitoring, discovering changes in ecosystems caused by climate change, and so on. In addition to a digital information system, it is also important to regularly preserve complete organisms or their DNA in the collections. They can be used for analysing temporal changes in ecosystems based on taxa, genes and chemical compounds.
URL http://natarc.ut.ee/index.php?lang=eng
Status Being upgraded since 2008
Information Source RI operators
Scientific Domains Environmental Sciences
RI Categorization Databases
Location Vanemuise 46, Tartu, 51014, Estonia
MERIL URL http://portal.meril.eu/meril/view/facilitys/15315