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This section provides access to Research Infrastructures that have been funded by the European Commission through Horizon 2020 and 7th Framework Programme for Research. Browse the projects per scientific domain, type of project, and/ or Coordinator’s country.

FP7 340
H2020 134

Acronym Title Dates Project URL Funding Progr.
BBMRI-LPC BBMRI - Large Prospective Cohorts 2013/02/01 - 2017/01/31 http://bbmri-lpc.iarc.fr/ FP7
ENVRI PLUS Environmental Research Infrastructures Providing Shared Solutions for Science and Society 2015/05/01 - 2019/04/30 http://www.envriplus.eu/ H2020
ERIFORE Research Infrastructure for Circular Forest Bioeconomy 2016/01/01 - 2018/01/31 http://erifore.eu/ H2020
EUDAT2020 EUDAT2020 2015/03/01 - 2018/02/28 https://eudat.eu/ H2020
RISCAPE European Research Infrastructures in the International Landscape 2017/01/01 - 2019/12/31 H2020