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Title RDA Europe – the European plug-in to the global Research Data Alliance (RDA)
Funding Programmes FP7
Dates 01/10/2014 - 30/03/2016
Project URL https://europe.rd-alliance.org/
Abstract The Research Data Alliance (RDA) is rapidly building the social and technical bridges that enable open sharing of data on a global level. RDA Europe - the European plug-in to the global Research Data Alliance – will ensure that European political, research, industrial and e-infrastructure stakeholders are aware of, engaged with and actively involved in the global RDA activities. European domain scientists and data scientists are already driving a series of working and interest groups and this momentum should be maintained and increased. The collaborative web platform, custom built by RDA Europe, on which the RDA members and coordination virtual activities are based will be maintained, and new functionalities included to ensure that RDA players have all the support tools they require. RDA Europe will seek innovative ways of facilitating the take-up of RDA outputs in Europe and will continue to implement and maintain the main the RDA web-based collaboration framework. Further steps will be taken in planning and implementing the sustainability of RDA through a legal entity, established in Europe, investigating the most appropriate business models for long term sustainability. The proposal includes eight principal, representative organisations in Europe to drive forward RDA Europe objectives who are all grounded in technological excellence and innovation and have clear international ties. RDA Europe partners are very actively involved in the strategic planning, implementation, marketing & communication of RDA through the governance bodies of RDA: RDA Council European Chair John Wood (ACU), RDA Technical Advisory Board (TAB) Francoise Genova (CNRS) and Peter Wittenburg (MPG), RDA Organisational Advisory Board (OAB) co-chaired by Juan Biccaregui (STFC), RDA Europe Forum member - Donatella Castelli (CNR-ISTI), RDA Secretariat Hilary Hanahoe (Trust-IT), Fotis Karayannis (Athena RC) and Herman Stewouher (MPG).
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