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Virtual Campus Hub

Title Virtual Campus Hub
Grant Agreement Number 283746
Funding Programmes FP7
Dates 30/09/2011 - 30/09/2013
Project URL http://www.virtualcampushub.eu
Scientific Domain e-Infrastructures
Activity Coordination actions, conferences and studies supporting policy development, including international cooperation, for e-infrastructures
Action Line ICT-based e-Infrastructures
Transnational Access Not indicated
Type Of Project CSA
Abstract The Virtual Campus Hub network will use the European e-Infrastructure network including GEANT as the communication backbone. The project will formulate end-user demands for high-quality services in support of a global virtual campus network based on a Virtual Campus Hub concept. The Virtual Campus Hub will be developed through pilot use of the hub elements, with special emphasis on the integration of research, innovation and education in sustainable energy. The Virtual Campus Hub will consist of the following components: 1) A technical platform which can deliver virtual meeting spaces for lectures, conferences, laboratory and numerical exercises, as well as innovation tools, executive learning modules, self-study, etc. 2) A set of documented best practices for the use of the platform for courses, teaching & learning methods, innovation processes, networking and joint programs, developed through continued complementary on-site activities. 3) A growing inventory of staff competence and experience gained from using the Virtual Campus Hub for enhancing quality and scaling-up innovation, education, and training activities primarily related to sustainable energy, combined with dissemination and communication of the resulting best practices.
(Organisation name and Country)
Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
(Organisation name and Country)
TA Call Virtual Campus Hub