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Title Research Infrastructures on Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Grant Agreement Number 262476
Funding Programmes FP7
Dates 01/04/2011 - 31/03/2012
Project URL http://www.energiaenedificacion.com
Scientific Domain Energy
Action Line Coordination and support action
Type Of Project CSA
Abstract The main objective of this proposal is to provide a prospective and retrospective analysis of experimental research infrastructures on Energy Efficiency in Buildings related to their technical and socio-economical impact. These experimental research infrastructures, as being addressed by the Research Priorities for the Definition of a Multi-annual Roadmap and longer term strategy document elaborated for the EC by the Energy-efficient Buildings (EeB) PPP, shall contribute to (1) the implementation of Europe-wide harmonised and standardised labelling system in order to provide reliable measurement of energy performance of buildings, (2) cross national analysis of construction solutions to increase energy and thermal performance of buildings, taking into account the different climate conditions and local building practices, (3) validation of design and assessment models through analysis under real conditions and different climate conditions, in order to carry out benchmarking analysis to increase reliability of simulation software and labelling and (4) increase the cross-national contacts activities of the industrial construction sector by providing a unified, European-wide network of experimental facilities to analyze, improve and show the thermal and energy performance of building elements. By first identifying the European Experimental Research Infrastructures on Energy Efficiency and then analysing their scientific and socio-economic impacts, we shall be able to provide optimization strategies in order to get the maximum impact of these infrastructures.
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