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Title Evaluation of Research Infrastructures in Open innovation and research systems
Grant Agreement Number 262281
Funding Programmes FP7
Dates 01/01/2011 - 31/12/2012
Project URL http://evario.u-strasbg.fr
Scientific Domain Social Sciences and Humanities
Action Line Coordination and support action
Type Of Project CSA
Abstract Considering the amount of resources invested in RI, evaluation of their direct and indirect impacts is needed to support policy decision. EVARIO aims at developing an evaluation method well suited to RI, taking into account their specific role in the changing context towards an open innovation and research environment. The project will primarily adapt the so-called Beta approach of evaluation to the case of the RI, an approach used so far for ex post evaluations of economic impacts of a large variety of RD programmes. The adaptation will be carried out in connection with in-depth investigations of the evolution of RI and the research networks around them. The underlying idea is that S&T knowledge creation in general and knowledge creation through RI in particular result from a cumulative and interactive learning process. More precisely the project will: - map the effects generated by RI, including enrichment and network effects proper to an open innovation and research perspective - develop methods and indicators for evaluating some of these effects - provide 4 complementary analyses related to the role and impact of RI in open innovation and research systems, connected to their evolution and networking properties: (i) open source knowledge creation through RI; (ii) flexibility of RI via real option; (iii) RD networks; (iv) impact on regional creativity - carry out 4 RI case studies via interviews to assess the validity of the mapping in various contexts, the feasibility of the evaluation method, and bring the relevant facts to feed the complementary analyses. By developing enhanced methods and indicators to identify and measure economic impacts of RI, EVARIO should provide guidelines for policy makers to optimize the resources dedicated to RI. This study, via targeted dissemination actions, should also improve the understanding of the conditions of knowledge creation through RI, in particular their ability to foster collaborations and creativity.