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Title Central and Eastern European Networking Engine
Grant Agreement Number 261517
Funding Programmes FP7
Dates 30/06/2010 - 30/06/2013
Project URL http://www.ceenet.org/?posts=ceengine
Scientific Domain e-Infrastructures
Action Line ICT-based e-Infrastructures
Type Of Project CSA
Abstract Since its inception, Central and Eastern European Networking Association (CEENet) has played an essential and significant role in the creation, incubation and development of National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) in Central, Eastern, Southern Europe and Central Asia. In many ways this mission and goals that emanate from it have been accomplished through a range of objectives from different domains such as education and training both on technical and strategic levels, introduction of innovative and specialised services like the ones afforded by CERTs, and feasibility and planning studies of computing and communication infrastructures nationally and regionally. Recently, CEENet did an assessment and evaluation study of its position and activities with an outlook for the future, and consequently one of the results has been that the Association engages more intensively and aggressively in supporting, even more than in the past, developing NRENs in the areas which are both complementary to and enabling towards GEANT3. The project Central and Eastern European Networking EnGINE (CEENGINE) that relies heavily on the unqualified experience, expertise and competence of CEENet in CEE, Caucasus and Central Asia aims to fulfill the following objectives: coordination of the activities between national and pan-European e-Infrastructure initiatives; raising awareness and transferring the technical know-how necessary for the extension, adoption and usage of the high speed networking infrastructure (G√ČANT) and some cross-border connections that may include dark fibre procurement; fostering international cooperation in the eventual extension of GEANT towards the East; wide and effective knowledge dissemination concerning the e-Infrastructure programme and related projects (GEANT, BSI, CAREN, various GRID and HPC initiatives) among all of the NRENs users and various research organizations. It is expected that the objectives would be accomplished by organizing several workshops (in the areas of technology, policy/management, and user communities and services); revision and updating of the appropriate data repositories with respect to user communities, international collaboration and competence availability; preparation of the informational sources such as portal, newsletters, and various promo materials that also includes establishment of a PR team; co-organisation and participation in at least nine different dissemination events; support of creation of researchers groups from ICPC countries willing to participate in the research in the field of e-infrastructures; and to facilitate the close cooperation of a number of NRENs with GEANT Furthermore, the project should produce a study termed as CEENet GO (Global Outreach) concept that would reflect the interests and the activities of CEENet relative to the extension of CEENet to other geographical areas through innovative types of partnerships and memberships in the fut
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