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Title Organisation of an e-Infrastructures Summit in sub-Saharan Africa
Grant Agreement Number 246650
Funding Programmes FP7
Dates 01/10/2009 - 30/03/2011
Project URL http://www.ei-africa.eu
Scientific Domain e-Infrastructures
Type Of Project CSA
Abstract The European Union and the African Union have agreed, end of 2007, on an ambitious “Joint Africa-EU partnership” paving the way for a partnership of equals based on mutual interest, fully taking into account the increased economic and social development of Africa and its move towards an integrated area. S/T cooperation on ICT can fully contribute strengthening the relations between the two continents, which has been acknowledged by the implementation of a “EU-AU Partnership for Science, Information Society, and Space”. E-Infrastructures are expected to play a key role in this cooperation, benefitting from the “EU-Africa Partnership on Infrastructure”, the AfricaConnect flagship project, the recently launched FEAST study, etc. It will soon be necessary and strategic to organise an e-Infrastructures Summit in Africa, in order that the various stakeholders involved in the development of this cooperation on e-Infrastructures can: • Exchange views and information, and identify synergies in order to increase the impact of each of their activities, • Support further policy dialogues, apprehend medium to long term perspectives and agree on an overall, coherent vision, • Develop awareness and promote the use of e-Infrastructures under development, encouraging the emergence of early adopters, of flagship projects in terms of applications, • Give the highest visibility to the European initiatives aiming at supporting the development of NRENs in Africa and their interconnection to GEANT2. The organisation of this Summit is the main objective of the 18-month eI-Africa project, proposed by an organisation having: • A long experience in the development of S/T cooperation on ICT between Europe and Africa, particularly through the coordination of the FP6 START and FP7 EuroAfrica-ICT support actions, • Successfully organised a number of forums, summits, and other major events addressing S&T cooperation on ICT between Europe and other regions of the world.
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