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Title Pan-European Research infrastructure on High Performance Computing for 21st century Science
Grant Agreement Number 211437
Funding Programmes FP7
Dates 01/01/2008 - 31/12/2008
Project URL http://www.hpc-europa.org/
Scientific Domain e-Infrastructures
Type Of Project CSA
Abstract High Performance Computing is an indispensable means to solve the most challenging problems through simulation, and the access to HPC infrastructures of advanced class in Europe is vital for scientists to remain competitive at international level. HPC-Europa++, ensuring the continuity of the ongoing I3 FP6 HPC-Europa Project, has the main objective to provide advanced computational services in an integrated way to the European research community working at the forefront of science. HPC-Europa++ is organised around its Transnational Access activities (TA), provided by six HPC centres with a clear European dimension and added value in terms of performances and capabilities: CINECA in Italy, UEDIN in the UK (called in this document UEDIN-EPCC, being EPCC the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Center, part of UEDIN and actual subject of the project activity), BSC in Spain, HLRS in Germany, CNRS in France (called in this document CNRS-IDRIS, being IDRIS Institute for Development and Resources in Intensive Scientific computing, part of CNRS and actual subject of the project activity), and SARA in the Netherlands. The Project delivers a wide spectrum of services, including access to first-class HPC platforms for all European researchers, provision of an advanced computational environment, technical support and training, cooperation at scientific level in a huge variety of research fields. In one year project life, a total of 136 Researchers will benefit of the TA programme. These visitors will spend at least 200 visitor-months at the different infrastructures, and will use not less than 11.790.000 Allocation Units (AU). The AU is defined as “the computational power delivered by a computer executing for one hour at the sustained rate of one GFlops/s”. The attained results and objective will be constantly monitored ensuring that the TA activities integrate properly to meet their overall objective, and that HPC-Europa++ integrates properly within the European HPC-Ecosystem. HPC-Europa++ ultimate goal is to support European researchers to preserve a competitive edge on the world stage, contribute towards fostering a culture of cooperation, generating critical mass for the evolution of computational activities, and drive new advances through HPC in the context of the ERA.
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