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This section provides access to Research Infrastructures that have been funded by the European Commission through Horizon 2020 and 7th Framework Programme for Research. Browse the projects per scientific domain, type of project, and/ or Coordinator’s country.

FP7 340
H2020 134

Acronym Title Dates Project URL Funding Progr.
ARISE Atmospheric dynamics InfraStructure in Europe 2012/01/01 - 2014/12/31 http://www.cea.fr FP7
DIESIS Design of an Interoperable European federated Simulation network for critical InfraStructures 2008/01/31 - 2010/03/31 www.diesis-project.eu FP7
E-FAST Design Study of a European Facility for Advanced Seismic Testing 2008/09/01 - 2011/08/31 http://efast.eknowrisk.eu/EFast FP7
EST EST: The large aperture European Solar Telescope 2008/02/01 - 2011/07/31 http://www.iac.es/proyecto/EST FP7
ET Einstein gravitational-wave Telescope 2008/05/05 - 2011/07/04 http://www.et-gw.eu FP7
EURONU A High Intensity Neutrino Oscillation Facility in Europe 2008/09/01 - 2012/08/31 http://heplnv135.pp.rl.ac.uk/joomla FP7
GGP Generations and Gender Programme: A European Research Infrastructure on the Causes and Consequences of Demographic Developments 2009/01/01 - 2012/12/31 www.ggp-i.org FP7
GROOM Gliders for Research, Ocean Observation and Management 2014/12/31 - 2011/10/01 http://www.upmc.fr FP7
HILUMI LHC FP7 High Luminosity Large Hadron Collider Design Study 2011/11/01 - 2015/10/31 http://public.web.cern.ch/public FP7
LABSYNC Laboratory compact light sources 2008/01/01 - 2011/12/31 http://www.kuleuven.be/labsync/committee.html FP7
LAGUNA Design of a pan-European Infrastructure for Large Apparatus studying Grand Unification and Neutrino Astrophysics 2008/07/01 - 2011/06/30 http://laguna.ethz.ch/laguna-eu FP7
LAGUNA-LBNO Design of a pan-European Infrastructure for Large Apparatus studying Grand Unification, Neutrino Astrophysics and Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillations 2011/09/01 - 2014/08/31 http://www.ethz.ch FP7
NFFA Nanoscience Foundries and Fine Analysis 2008/06/01 - 2011/01/31 http://www.nffa.eu FP7
PIREDEU Providing an Infrastructure for Research on Electoral Democracy in the European Union 2008/02/01 - 2011/01/31 http://www.piredeu.eu FP7