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Research Infrastructure

Complex System for Environmental Analysis and Assessment

Description Research infrastructures included in the environmental monitoring and assessment system: Air-borne hyperspectral data collecting camara (AISA DUAL); field spectral data collector HXS 238 AE C08; Trimble Net R5 RTKM field reference station; GPS geodesy station 4750K11620; Meteostat MSG2 receiver station; micrometeorological station; geodesy data collector Trimble PFCBS GPS; juno ST GPSs; HP server image processing workstations; Niton XLt field portable XRF spectrometer for element analysis; Trime FM soil moisture meter; Hexium infra diagnostical system; field noize and air flow measuring system; Ejkelkamp sampling set; field surface water flow meter; data processing sofwares: ITT-ENVI, ESRI-ArcMap, ClarkLab-IDRISI.
URL http://ion.agr.unideb.hu/hyperspectral/en/
Status Operational since 1995
Scientific Domains Environmental Sciences
RI Categorization In situ Earth Observatories
Location Böszörményi 138, Debrecen, H-4032, Hungary
MERIL URL http://portal.meril.eu/meril/view/facilitys/15160