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Research Infrastructure

Centre of Excellence for Integrated Approaches in Chemistry and Biology of Proteins

Description Centre of Excellence for Integrated Approaches in Chemistry and Biology of Proteins CIPKEBIP is a non-profit research institution. CIPKeBiP will connect the top available expertise, knowhow, and technology of Slovenian research laboratories in protein science, thus emphasizing biomedical relevance of the applied project (priority health and life sciences). The Centre is coordinated by the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular and Structural Biology at JSI, the leading edge of Slovenian biochemical science, and includes institutions from central and northeastern region of Slovenia as well as small, medium and large industrial entities. Using the Centre of Excellence grant as the start-up money we have established a research infrastructure and scientific platforms which enable us to: -identify molecular carriers and pathways underlying physiological and pathological processes; -monitor molecules, their position, transfer and transformations in biological processes; -characterize their biochemical and biophysical properties and structure; -and exploit the gained knowledge for commercial purposes. The platforms are: -High resolution and super-resolution light microscopy for visualization of molecules and their interactions in cells or in tissues and organisms. -Mass spectroscopy for analysis of protein composition in complex samples and analysis and identification of individual biological molecules and their modifications. -Protein and structure production platform for analysis of molecular mechanisms from biochemical to atomic resolution studies (3D crystal structures, kinetics of interactions and properties of biologically active molecules - proteins and small organic molecules). -Platform for development of biologically active organic molecules based on biological and chemical synthesis. -Computational analysis of complex biological and other experimental data with the purpose of descriptive and predictive modeling, knowledge extraction and integration, as well as optimization of experimental approaches and technological processes. The founding members of CIPKeBip are: - Jo┼żef Stefan Institute - AciesBio d.o.o. - University of Ljubljana, Medical Faculty, Institute of Pathophysiology - University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical faculty - University Medical Centre Ljubljana - Jenko d.o.o. - University of Maribor, Medical Faculty - Institute of Public Health Maribor
URL http://www.cipkebip.org/
Status Under construction since 2010
Scientific Domains Biological and Medical Sciences
Material Sciences and Analytical Facilities
RI Categorization Structural Biology Facilities
Location 39, Jamova cesta, Ljubljana, SI-1000, Central, Slovenia
MERIL URL http://portal.meril.eu/meril/view/facilitys/14907