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Research Infrastructure

Youth Survey (Jugendsurvey)

Description The Youth Survey of the German Youth Institute is a repeated representative study about youth and young adults aged 16 to 29. The Youth Survey examines living conditions, orientations and values of adolescents and young adults and their knowledge and use of public welfare services. The Youth survey evaluates trends of social change regarding attitudes and behavior in western and eastern Germany. The survey-polls were conducted in the years 1992, 1997 and 2003.
URL http://www.dji.de/cgi-bin/projekte/output.php?projekt=172&sprache=E
Status Operational since 1992
Scientific Domains Social Sciences and Humanities
RI Categorization Registers and Survey-led Studies/Databases
Location Nockherstr. 2, M√ľnchen, 81541, Germany
MERIL URL http://portal.meril.eu/meril/view/facilitys/14492