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Research Infrastructure

Group for Combinatorial Chemistry, Cell-based sCreening and Chemogenomics

Description G5C (French acronym for "Groupe de Chimie Combinatoire, Criblage Cellulaire et Chemogénomique") is a platform open to the scientific community which develops chemical biology (or chemogenomics) approaches by automated screening of collections of chemical products, characterization of their biological activity and identification of their cellular target. The objective of the G5C platform is to promote the use of chemicals as (i) research tools allowing for deep deciphering of the function of a biological target in physio-pathological processes and (ii) drug candidates for therapeutic purposes. The G5C includes two groups with complementary expertise in biology and chemistry: (1) The CMBA (Screening for BioActive Molecules platform at iRTSV, CEA-Grenoble) offers the possibility to perform large automated screens in either in vitro or in cellulo assays. Two automated microscopes with different specificities are used for the screening of either selected hits or small libraries using High Content Analysis/Screening methods. (2) The CCCHD (Centre of Combinatorial Chemistry and High throughput screening, at iBiTec-S, CEA-Saclay) allows for screening with radioactive compounds. It can guide the choice of chemical analogues via either private companies or in-house chemical synthesis. Access to G5C's facilities and compounds collections can be had either in collaboration mode or through provision of service.
URL http://www-dsv.cea.fr/en/cmba
Status Operational since 2001
Being upgraded (2013 - 2013)
Scientific Domains Material Sciences and Analytical Facilities
RI Categorization Chemical Libraries and Screening Facilities
Location 17 rue des Martyrs, Grenoble, 38 054, France
MERIL URL http://portal.meril.eu/meril/view/facilitys/15318