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Research Infrastructure

Center for Functional Genomics and Bio-Chips

Description Center for Functional Genomics and Bio-Chips (CFGBC) was established by the Slovenian Consortium for Biochips, the network of Slovenian academic institutions, research institutes, clinical centers and pharmaceutical industry. CFGBC is a part of Institute of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana. Activities of the Center for Functional Genomics and Bio-Chips are the following: a) basic, applicative and clinical post-genomic research, b) management and maintenance of the post-genomic equipment, c) acquiring novel equipment of the post-genomic era, d) training of students at the undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral levels.
URL http://cfgbc.mf.uni-lj.si/
Status Operational since 2005
Scientific Domains Biological and Medical Sciences
RI Categorization Systems Biology/Computational Biology Facilities
Location Zaloska cesta 4, Ljubljana, 1000, Slovenia
MERIL URL http://portal.meril.eu/meril/view/facilitys/14948