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Zero Emission of CarbOn with MIXed Technologies

Description In July 2005 the activities of the project ZECOMIX (Zero Emission of CarbOn with MIXed Technologies) started officially, within the framework of a program funded by the Italian University and Research Ministry. The main aim of the project is to demonstrate, via a series of modelling and experimental activities, the feasibility of an innovative new process for the production of electricity and hydrogen "zero emission" by coal. Several processes such as coal gasification, clean-up of syngas, CO2 capture by means of solid sorbent (Calcium Looping, CaL) and combustion of hydrogen in gas turbines are being investigated in the ZECOMIX platform. The main objective is the production of low carbon energy from fossil fuels (coal or methane). Among the various technologies for separating CO2 from gas streams, the Calcium Looping (CaL) option, e.g. with CaO–based solid sorbents, has been receiving increasing attention. One of the key advantages of this option, which makes it a valuable route in gas decarbonisation, is the low cost and wide availability of the starting material (naturally occurring sorbent such as limestone or dolomite) and its high reactivity when it reacts with CO2. Moreover the CaO based solid sorbents are more environmentally benign compared to other state-of-the-art solutions (e.g. amine-based liquid solvents). In this technology, CaO is converted into CaCO3 during the CO2 uptake, the spent solid sorbent is subsequently regenerated by releasing CO2 in a calcination step at temperature ranges of 850 to 900 °C.
URL http://www.zeroemission.enea.it/risorse-en-en/zecomix
Status Operational since 2005
Scientific Domains Energy
RI Categorization Energy Engineering Facilities (non nuclear)
Location Via Anguillarese, 301, Rome, Lazio, Italy
MERIL URL http://portal.meril.eu/meril/view/facilitys/15259