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Research Infrastructure

Nanoscience Foundries and Fine Analysis - Demonstrator

Description The NFFA-Demonstrator builds on the outcomes of the NFFA – Design Study FP7. Beginning in 2014-2015, the NFFA-DEMO will provide services to the materials science and spectroscopy community by opening a dedicated workplace at the APE beamline on the Elettra storage ring in Trieste. The APE-NFFA-Demonstrator is an all-new integration of in-situ growth facilities (metal oxide MBE and PLD) directly connected with a suite of UHV experimental chambers including two endstations on variable polarization undulator radiation sources. Proposals for the synthesis of metal-oxides, surface structures, in-operando sample environments (E, H fields) and in-situ characterization by surface science methods as well as access to ARPES, XPS, MOKE, XAS, XMCD will be accepted, peer-reviewed and awarded access. More Demonstrators will be implemented as further steps of NFFA.
URL http://www.nffa.eu
Status Operational since 2015
Being upgraded (2012 - 2014)
Scientific Domains Material Sciences and Analytical Facilities
Physical Sciences and Engineering
RI Categorization Micro- and Nanotechnology facilities
Location Strada Statale 14 km 163,5, Trieste, 34149, Italy
MERIL URL http://portal.meril.eu/meril/view/facilitys/15093