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Research Infrastructure

High Field NMR Research Infrastructure (Infrastructure de Recherche RMN Très Hauts Champs)

Description The High Field NMR Research Infrastructure groups together the highest field NMR spectrometers at the national level (from 750 to 1000 MHz), into a single entry point integrated infrastructure, that provides to the French scientific community a combination of unique, cutting-edge instruments and state-of-the-art expertise in NMR, together with the associated human resources, for a wide variety of advanced experiments in many fields of application. The infrastructure comprises 7 research groups spread over the country. These research groups are flagship national NMR laboratories and are all specialized in developing the NMR technique itself. Much of their work is related to providing the technical and methodological developments at the heart of NMR that allow for breakthroughs in application problems. These areas of application are diverse, from structural biology, chemistry, physics, medicine, geology, or materials sciences. Thus, and most importantly, the network provides services to users in many areas ranging from medical science to physics. Each site provides one third of its available high-field experimental time to the community through a constantly open online call for proposals.
URL http://ir-rmn.fr
Status Operational since 2008
Scientific Domains Environmental Sciences
Biological and Medical Sciences
Material Sciences and Analytical Facilities
RI Categorization Analytical Facilities
Location 6 Rue Jules Horowitz, Grenoble, 38043, France
MERIL URL http://portal.meril.eu/meril/view/facilitys/15239