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Research Infrastructure

Swiss Muon Source

Description The Swiss muon source – powered by the PSI 590 MeV cyclotron with a proton current of 2200 μA – is the world’s most intense continuous beam muon source. The proton beam hits two graphite targets. Attached to those are seven beamlines for muon (or pion) extraction, one of them is equipped with superconducting decay channel. The available muon energies range from 0.5 keV to 60 MeV. The main advantage of continuous muon beams is the detection of individual muons by fast-timing scintillation counters, easily providing nanosecond or better time resolution of the muon response. This allows one to extend μSR studies to much higher muon-spin precession frequencies (in the GHz range, corresponding to magnetic fields of more than 10 Tesla) and shorter muon-spin relaxation times compared to pulsed muon sources, where the time resolution is limited by the muon pulse duration (typically 50 ns). Thus, at the European level, the PSI SμS facility perfectly complements the ISIS pulsed muon source.
URL http://lmu.web.psi.ch
Status Operational since 1989
Scientific Domains Environmental Sciences
Material Sciences and Analytical Facilities
Physical Sciences and Engineering
RI Categorization Research Facilities
Location Villigen, 5232, Switzerland
MERIL URL http://portal.meril.eu/meril/view/facilitys/15755