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Research Infrastructure

Romanian National Grid Infrastructure

Description NGI_RO is operated by RoGrid-NGI Consortium which was created as a unique Romanian National Grid Initiative, coordinated by ICI Bucharest. RoGrid-NGI as part of the European Grid Infrastructure, is based on the first Romanian Grid Consortium (established in 2002) - RoGrid. NGI_RO currently includes 10 active grid computing sites, owned and administrated by some major research organizations in the country (National R&D Institutes and Universities).
URL http://www.rogrid.ro
Status Operational since 2010
Scientific Domains e-Infrastructures
RI Categorization Distributed Computing Facilities
Location Strada Maresal Al. Averescu, 8-10, Bucharest, 011455, Romania
MERIL URL http://portal.meril.eu/meril/view/facilitys/15546