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Research Infrastructure

Platform for Impedimetric Real-Time Measurment of Cell Adhesion and Migration/Invasion

Description The ECIS-1600/xCELLigence platforms provides the possibility of a real-time measurement of cell adhesion and migration. Zeiss Axio observer A1 inverted microscope is also belonging to the system, with a time lapse cell trecking system/softwer. Due to the complexity of the system it represents the highest level among the available platforms not only in Hungary but also in Europe. By the help of the equipments 8-96 well arrays are evaluated and the measured impedance levels refer to (i) the kinetics of cell adhesion; (ii) the micro-motion of the adherent cells; (iii) proliferation and responses to cytotoxic drugs. In parallel wound healing assays are also available and in this way we can characterize i.e. invasive character of tumor cells. By the help of electroporation we can monitor intracellular signaling processes. The HTS platform is a dedicated one to use it in basic experiments of oncology and to screen series of drug candidates in vitro. In the last complementation 2009/2010 new components were also introduced as ECIS Theta Z, which measures the conductance (C) and resistance (R) in 12 independent frequencies. The other new member of the system is the CASY TT which provides the possibility to check and set cell densities prior to the experiments. Supply of some members of the system described above was facilitated by the collaborative work and common supported projects of Chemotaxis Research Group GCI-SE and Dept. Nanotechnology, BZI.
URL http://www.chemotaxis.usn.hu/CHTXhpg/platform/index.htm
Status Operational since 2008
Scientific Domains Biological and Medical Sciences
RI Categorization Clinical Research Centres
Location Nagyvárad tér 4., Budapest, 1089, Hungary
MERIL URL http://portal.meril.eu/meril/view/facilitys/15156