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Research Infrastructure

NIREAS International Water Research Center

Description Nireas - International Water Research Center is located in Cyprus. Its mission is two-fold: the development of cutting-edge water technologies, and the dissemination of water-related technologies to the public, accessible to citizens and practitioners alike. In today’s environment, society, individuals and organizations are confronted with ever increasing demands for water quantity and quality, with the demands raising profound questions regarding the society’s ability to synthesize efficient solutions to these rapidly proliferating problems. Nireas-IWRC intends to help counter this trend through the creation of a “home” for water-related research, and take bold steps for the creation and hosting of an internationally-recognized research institute for the advancement of water-related research. Consequently, Nireas-IWRC offers a platform not just for more effective technologies, but also for an entirely new generation of functionality for sustainable management of water resources, harnessing the synergies of integrated interdisciplinary research on water quality, quantity, and management through a single knowledge repository. Nireas-IWRC generates a responsive environment for technology-enhanced research to motivate, engage and inspire citizens, and one that will be embedded directly in the social web. Nireas-IWRC focuses on 3 research pillars, (1) Water quality, monitoring and treatment, (2) Water supply and urban water management, (3) Socioeconomic analysis for water-related issues. Additionally, one pillar (4) is devoted toHuman Resource Development and, last but not least, one pillar (5) relates to Dissemination activities. Furthermore Nireas-IWRC’s major research areas are: • Advanced chemical water treatment • Advanced wastewater treatment through hybrid processes • Development and use of porous materials in water treatment applications • Characterization of properties of particles in waters and identification of organics adsorbed on solid surface • Environmental chemical analysis for water quality • Water pollutants impact assessment • Water resource evaluation • Groundwater resources • Protection of groundwater resources • Groundwater recharge • Development of mitigation techniques for evaporative loss from fresh water reservoirs • Reservoir sedimentation monitoring and management • Surface reservoir integrity • Water supply and urban water management • Automatic meter reading and ad-hoc wireless sensor networks for leak detection • Numerical modeling, prediction and monitoring of salt-water intrusion on coastal aquifers • Socioeconomic analysis for water-related issues The activities of the center were launched on the 31st of December 2010.
URL http://nireas-iwrc.org
Status Operational since 2011
Scientific Domains Environmental Sciences
Biological and Medical Sciences
Material Sciences and Analytical Facilities
RI Categorization Chemical Libraries and Screening Facilities
Location Keryneias Avenue 96, Aglantzia, 2113, Nicosia, Cyprus
MERIL URL http://portal.meril.eu/meril/view/facilitys/15205