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Research Infrastructure

National Institute for Cellular Biotechnology Core Facilities

Description The NICB is a multidisciplinary centre of research in fundamental and applied Cellular Biotechnology, Molecular Cell Biology, Ocular diseases and Biological Chemistry. It includes a multidisciplinary team of Cell and Molecular Biologists, Biotechnologists. Chemists and Computer Scientists. The institute draws from the established expertise of researchers in Dublin City University, IT Tallaght and NUI Maynooth with the aim to be a Centre of world-class expertise, in Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology, a diverse and expanding interdisciplinary science. The NICB has combined the variety of expertise of its researchers to develop targeted research programmes in key areas relating to identification of new therapeutic targets and diagnostic methods for disease (in particular for cancer, microbial diseases and diabetes) and understanding of basic biological processes including regulation of gene expression during cell differentiation and their translational to industrial and medical applications.
URL http://www.nicb.dcu.ie/corefaci.shtml
Status Operational since 2006
Scientific Domains Biological and Medical Sciences
Material Sciences and Analytical Facilities
RI Categorization Systems Biology/Computational Biology Facilities
Location Collins Avenue, Dublin, 9, Ireland
MERIL URL http://portal.meril.eu/meril/view/facilitys/15199