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Research Infrastructure

National Information Infrastructure Development Institute e-Infrastructure

Description The NIIFI e-infrastructure (Research Infrastructure) covers the entire Hungarian research, education and public collection community (more than 700.000 users) by providing - country-wide integrated high-speed (gigabit) computer networking infrastructure as well as, based on this network, - communication, information, and cooperation services (a.o. AAI, VoIP, and videoconferencing), - leading edge support (first of all grid, storage és HPC environment) for demanding e-iInfrastructure applications, and - content-generation, digital archiving, and contentg accessing background. The basis of the e-Infrastructure is the Hungarian reseaqrch network, which is directly connected to the European research backbone network (GÉANT) and allows,through GÉANT, also global access. Most important features (wrt. the Hungarian network): gigabit (in the backbone and at the international access point 10 Gbit/sec) transmission speed, some 700 major access points in almost 500 institutions, serving about 700.000 users. GÉANT and the NRENs (National Research and Education Networks) of 36 European countries enable the Hungarian users to acceess some 40 millions of European partners involved in research and education, while the global amount of accessible researchers and academics is a few times higher.
URL http://www.niif.hu/en
Status Operational since 1986
Information Source Hungary (own resources) and partner European NRENs
Scientific Domains e-Infrastructures
RI Categorization Data Archives, Data Repositories and Collections
Location Victor Hugo u. 18-22., Budapest, 1132, Hungary
MERIL URL http://portal.meril.eu/meril/view/facilitys/15675