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Research Infrastructure

National Center for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Experimentation

Description The National Hydrogen Centre (CNH2) is a new Scientific Research and Technology Development facility (ICTS), devoted to scientific and technology research in all fields related to hydrogen and fuel cells technologies. The Centre was created as a Consortium between Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitivity and Castilla-La Mancha Government, each holding 50% of the Consortium. The CNH2 is in the service of national research, technology and the industrial community and is open to international collaboration. The Consortium was established on 21 December 2007 and the headquarters are located in Puertollano (Ciudad Real). The objectives of the CNH2 are to direct national strategy in these technologies, carry out technological development and innovation and promote projects that will serve to demonstrate the efficiency and reliability of these technologies and to incorporate them into the national and international energy system, which in turn serves to stimulate the industrial and energy sectors. The CNH2 will focus its activities on producing, storing, purifying and distributing hydrogen generated fundamentally from renewable sources, working with high, medium and low-temperature fuel cell technologies, integrating systems and demonstrating these systems at pilot scale at its facilities. This RI is an ICTS (Unique Scientific and Technological Infrastructure), included in the Spanish National Roadmap for RIs.
URL http://www.cnh2.es
Status Operational since 2009
Information Source RI website, internal documents, CNH2 staff.
Scientific Domains Material Sciences and Analytical Facilities
RI Categorization Energy Engineering Facilities (non nuclear)
Location Fernando el Santo, Puertollano, 13500, Ciudad Real, Spain
MERIL URL http://portal.meril.eu/meril/view/facilitys/15566