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Research Infrastructure

KUBIK by Tecnalia

Description KUBIK is a full-scale R&D test facility for the development of new concepts, products and services to improve the energy efficiency of building. The main characteristic of KUBIK is the capability to build realistic scenarios to analyse the energy efficiency obtained from the interaction of the constructive solution for the envelope, the intelligent management of the climatization and lighting systems and the supply from energy sources. This infrastructure consists of a building able to provide up to 500 m2 distributed in an underground floor, a ground floor and up to two storeys. The supply of energy is based on the combination of conventional and renewable energy. In addition, the building is equipped with a monitoring and control system which provides the necessary information for the R&D activities. KUBIK´s main structure provides an experimental, adaptable and reconfigurable building to create the indoor environments to analyse and to allow the assembly of the constructive solutions for the envelope, floors and partitions which performance under realistic conditions must to be tested. KUBIK is an engine for the innovation in the construction sector thanks to its open and comprehensive conception of the construction, renewable energy integration and user´s comfort aspects in real conditions.
URL http://www.tecnalia.com/es/construccion-sostenible/infraestructuras-equipamiento/infraestructuras-equipamiento.htm
Status Operational since 2011
Scientific Domains Energy
RI Categorization Mechanical Engineering Facilities
Location Edificio 700 Labein, Bizkaia, 48160, Spain
MERIL URL http://portal.meril.eu/meril/view/facilitys/15171