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Research Infrastructure

INCDFP-Infrasound Array

Description INCDFP-Infrasound array is a 2.5-km aperture array, deployed in the central part of Romania (Vrancea epicentral area) and presently consisting of 6 elements. The station installation started in 2009. Previously, the array infrasound comprised 7 sites (IPL2, IPL3, IPL4, IPH4, IPH5, IPH6, IPH7); two microbarometer types were used: Chaparral Physics (IPH*) and MBAZEL2007 (IPL*). Since January 2013, IPL2 and IPL3 instruments were replaced with Chaparral ones and became IPH2 and IPH3; the IPL4 sensor was removed from the site. Since January 2013, all array instruments are Chaparral Physics microbarometers. The infrasound array is part of an integrated monitoring system, which also includes seven seismic elements (3C broadband sensors-CGM40T Guralp collocated with accelerometers-EpiSensor ES-T FBA), three 3C magnetometers (MAG-03MS), an electrometer (Boltek EFM-100) and a weather station (La Crosse). Collected data are continuously collected and transmitted in real time to the Romanian National Data Centre in Magurele. The infrasound array is used for the monitoring of various acoustic sources such as naturally occurring geophysical phenomena (volcanoes, earthquakes, thunderstorms) and man-made events (chemical explosions, mine and quarry blasts).
URL http://www.infp.ro
Status Operational since 2009
Being upgraded since 2012
Scientific Domains Environmental Sciences
RI Categorization Research Facilities
Location 12, Calugareni, Magurele, 061126, Romania
MERIL URL http://portal.meril.eu/meril/view/facilitys/15793