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Research Infrastructure

IEO Data Centre

Description The IEO is an institution under the Spanish system of Science and Technology, dedicated exclusively to marine research. The IEO has nine coastal oceanographic centres and operates six oceanographic vessels. Since 1945 the IEO operates a tide gauge network and in 2007 deployed a permanent buoy in the Gulf of Biscay in order to monitor continuously atmospheric and oceanic variables. The IEO manages 3 groups of data: physical and chemical data, data of fisheries and biological communities, data of marine geology and geophysics. The Spanish Institute of Oceanography Data Centre (IEO_DC) acts as the Spanish representative at the International Oceanographic Data Exchange program, operating within the scope of International Oceanographic Commission (IODE/IOC). It is also a member of the data management working group for the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) which one of the objective is to elabore guidelines for good pratices in data observation and management . Since the 90s, the IEO_DC participates in the European Data Management structure of several projects; EDMED, MEDATLAS, MEDAR and SEA_SEARCH project, that were the basis for the stablisment of the "SeaDataNet: Pan- European infraestructure for ocean and marine data management" (www.seadatanet.org). The IEO Data Center is the national spanish node of the SeaDatanet semidistribuited system. Nowadays, it is a member of the data management working group of the spanish marine ICTS wich aim to harmonize the data comming from these infraestructues.
URL http://indamar.ieo.es
Status Operational since 1901
Operational since 1994
RI Categorization In situ Earth Observatories
Location Corazón de María 8, Madrid, 28002, Spain
MERIL URL http://portal.meril.eu/meril/view/facilitys/15417