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Research Infrastructure

GNSS Service Centre

Description The absolute accuracy of the satellite positioning systems (GNSS) is about 2-10 meter, therefore ground-based systems are needed to meet the centimetre accuracy geodetic, or mm-accuracy scientific positioning needs. The Hungarian Active GNSS Network (GNSSnet.hu) is such a national infrastructure, which however has wide international connections and co-operations. This infrastructure, maintained by the GNSS Service Centre (GSZK) of FÖMI's Satellite Geodetic Observatory supports both scientific (e.g. geokinematic investigations, atmospheric research) and practical (e.g. surveying, precision agriculture) applications.
URL http://www.sgo.fomi.hu/gnss_eng.php
Status Operational since 2004
Information Source www.gnssnet.hu
Scientific Domains Environmental Sciences
RI Categorization In situ Earth Observatories
Location Bosnyák tér 5, Budapest, 1149, Hungary
MERIL URL http://portal.meril.eu/meril/view/facilitys/15215