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Research Infrastructure

European Advanced Translational Research Infrastructure in Medicine

Description Accelerating and optimizing translational research is the aim of EATRIS, the European Advanced Translational Research Infrastructure in Medicine. It provides a unique framework that will operate through a pan-European consortium of leading biomedical translational research institutes. They cover the entire chain for diagnostic, therapeutic or preventive products up to proof-of-concept in human. EATRIS will give access to state-of-the-art biomedical research facilities, biomarker facilities, and an environment for clinical trials. This will be complemented with state-of-the art facilities and patient cohorts from hospitals to strengthen the exchange between science and patients.‚Äč EATRIS is a project on the ESFRI Roadmap of Research Infrastructures (RIs) of pan-European interest.
URL http://www.eatris.eu
Status Operational since 2013
Scientific Domains Biological and Medical Sciences
RI Categorization Translational Research Centres
Location De Boelelaan 1118, Amsterdam, 1081, Netherlands
MERIL URL http://portal.meril.eu/meril/view/facilitys/15207