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Research Infrastructure

Electron Microscopy - Pole University of Aveiro

Description RNME-UA, the Electron Microscopy facility – Pole University of Aveiro is an RI dedicated to high resolution electron microscopy. It is branched to the RNME – National Network of Electron Microscopy an association of seven facilities of electron microscopy (EM) of Portugal. RNME was established at the initiative of the FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology, co-financed by the ERDF- European Regional Development Fund and POSI - Operational Program for Science and Innovation 2010. RNME-UA is owned by the University of Aveiro (PT) and operated by CICECO - Center for Research in Ceramics and Composite Materials. It houses 200 kV and 300 kV HRTEM microscopes offering digital imaging, EDS and advanced filtered-energy/EELS, two FE/FEG SEM microscopes with EDS, EBSD and electron lithography besides a comprehensive line for EM sample preparation. It is in the mission of RNME-UA to assure access of researchers and project developers to the EM facilities; promote the efficient operation of the equipments and their widespread use; facilitate training in ME and associated techniques; maintain up-dated an information system accessible to the users; and promote cooperation with national and international organizations in the field of ME.
URL http://www.ua.pt/rnme/
Status Operational since 2008
Scientific Domains Biological and Medical Sciences
Material Sciences and Analytical Facilities
Physical Sciences and Engineering
RI Categorization Analytical Facilities
Location Aveiro, 3810, Portugal
MERIL URL http://portal.meril.eu/meril/view/facilitys/15525